Dental Implants

A dental implant is a metal (usually titanium) screw that is placed into the jaw bone through surgery in a dental practice. The screw acts as an anchor for an artificial tooth or a set of artificial teeth. Dental implants are an excellent option for people in good oral health who have lost a tooth or teeth. Implanted teeth look and feel like a patient's own teeth. They are very secure.

Endosteal Implant Procedure

  • Surgery is performed to place an anchor (screw) into the jawbone. This is called osseointergration. Healing may take up to 6 months for bone to grow around the anchor and hold it in place.
  • A second surgery may be performed to attach a post to the anchor. This may also be done during the first surgery.
  • The restorative (replacement) teeth are made and fitted to the post portion of the anchor.

Advantages of Dental Implants
  • Artificial teeth which look very natural
  • Teeth feel (and are) much more secure than traditional dentures
  • Implants are very durable and long lasting
  • Success rates of implants are very high
  • Provide the patient with more self confidence about their smile